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What  is Biblical Counseling?
There are three General Categories of Counseling...

  1. Traditional Psychological Counseling
  2. Integrated Christian Counseling
  3. Biblical Counseling

Traditional Psychological Counseling makes an earnest attempt to help
hurting people find wholeness as they use over 200 different, sometimes
conflicting, psychological approaches for diagnosis and treatment.   
Psychological Counselors will select from Freud, Jung or Adler’s differing
approach to psychoanalysis, Skinner’s behavior modification school,
Rogerian reflection, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, or other psychological
approaches.  Some will even mix and match differing psychological
models as they attempt to assist those in need.  It is important to note,
however, not only were these well-known psychologists and psychiatrists
not Christians, but in many cases their moral foundations and approach to
the human condition were the antithesis of Biblical thinking.

Integrated Christian Counseling attempts to integrate Christian
principles and terms into the plethora of psychological approaches, often
leaving the Counselee just as confused and in need as they were before

Biblical Counseling is founded on the premise that God, as Creator, is
the only One who has the answers to man’s brokenness and that His
solutions are more effective than those devised by man (Colossians 2:1-
10).  In fact, the solutions for man’s brokenness and guidance into a full,
abundant life are found only in Scripture (2 Timothy 3:16 & 17).  The
Biblical Counselor’s dependence on God’s Holy Spirit, prayer and use of
Scripture as the guide makes Biblical Counseling distinctively different
from the other approaches and extremely effective.