Frequently Asked Questions
Below is a list of the Most Common Questions we are asked at RMBCC...

How do I become a Biblical Counselor?

If you have no training or background in Nouthetic Biblical Counseling, it would be helpful for you to take a course at a NANC (National Association of
Nouthetic Counselors) or IABC (International Association of Biblical
Counselors) certified training center.  Continue to scroll down for additional
information on and links to NANC & IABC.

Our center offers a Lay Counseling Certificate.  We offer four courses in class
form in the Knoxville area and in a self-paced at home study.

If you have a background in Nouthetic Biblical Counseling and would like to
find a College or Seminary that offers degrees in Biblical Counseling, please
continue to scroll down for a list of schools.

If you would like to seek certification from a recognized certifying agency for
Biblical Counselors, please check with the International Association of Biblical
Counselors or the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors.

I do not live in the Knoxville/East TN area.  Can you
recommend a Counselor in my area?

We suggest you check the following websites for counselors certified by NANC
www.nanc.org and IABC at www.iabc.net, the two organizations that certify
our Counselors.

Who is involved in Biblical Counseling?

In addition to the Institutions, Training Centers and Churches sited elsewhere on our website, several of the better know Theologians and Pastors leading the way in the Biblical
Counseling movement are....

  • Jay Adams
  • Ed Bulkley
  • Howard Eyrich
  • Elyse Fitzpatrick
  • Richard Gantz
  • John MacArthur
  • James MacDonald
  • Wayne Mack
  • C.J. Mahaney
  • Albert Mohler
  • Martha Peace
  • David Powlison
  • Lou Priolo
  • Lance Quinn
  • George Scipione
  • Stuart Scott
  • Tedd Tripp
  • Paul David Tripp
  • Steve Viars
  • Ed Welch

Are you affiliated with any church or denomination?

We are not affiliated with any church or denomination.  We have counseled with individuals and families from virtually every denomination in our counseling experience.  

The churches here in North America where we conduct our training seminars, and the churches,
faith-based colleges and seminars where we conduct our international training each must be in
agreement with our Statement of Faith.

We do offer churches the opportunity to partner with us as either Advisory Partners or as Associate
Partners.  These partnerships are designed to be mutually beneficial.

Additionally, each Staff Member at Resolve Ministries Biblical Counseling Center is expected to be
an active member of a local fellowship and growing in their faith.

It seems that Biblical Counseling is a relatively new
phenomenon.  I have never heard of it.  Is it new and why
am I just hearing about it now?

The reality is that Biblical Counseling has been around for 2000 years. In the
Bible, Paul wrote that all Christians are responsible to be equipped and restore
one another (Ephesians 4:12 and Galatians 6:1-2).

Approximately 400 years ago, the Puritans developed a sophisticated,
disciplined, grace-filled system of diagnosis for personal problems.  They made
distinction between a variety of physical, spiritual, temperamental and demonic
causes.  From this, they formulated an extremely comprehensive manual for
dealing with the problems of the heart.

More recently, there has been a movement across the United States made up
of Christians who believe God has given man everything needed to live a
healthy, godly life (2 Peter 1:3).  These Christians recognize that traditional
psychology and psychological counseling has done little to bring emotional
stability to our nation.  They site the American Psychiatric Association who
states that the cost for the support and medical treatment of diagnosed
mental disorders continues to escalate.  Direct Costs for the 50 million
Americans diagnosed with mental disorders now exceed $55.4 billion, while
Indirect Costs exceed $273 billion.

We are faced with a Problem...  Christians are barraged by worldly influences
and have found little comfort in the failed solutions being offered.  The root of
the vast majority of our personal and our society's mental and emotional
problems is spiritual.  Over two hundred psychological schools of thought,
which are the foundation of traditional psychological and Integrated Christian
counseling, have not stemmed the tide of fractured lives.

The Solution... Through biblical Counseling and the Biblical Counseling
Center's Training seminars, Christians can be equipped to restore one another
based on the sufficiency of Scripture (Colossians 3:16: 1 Thessalonians 5:14-
15; Romans 15:1-5; Galatians 6:1-2).

The influence of Biblical Counseling is growing because it addresses the root of
our problems, is God-focused, Biblically-based, compassionate and effective.

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